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Roland Karlsson wrote:

Raist3d wrote:
There's other strategies that can be done like gradient direction detection, etc. depending how far it's taken. Several Bayer cameras are doing some stunts on that end also. I see the benefit for the Quattro in still having more color data.

Yes, that is heavily done in Bayer reconstruction.

Its a two edged sword though.

It is the main reason why Bayer images can be so sharp, but also the main reason why Bayer images have so uneven sharpness over the image. The latter is a big disadvantage and thr former a big advantage.

You alos have to understand that the gradient detection algorithms may create edges that are not really there, i.e. creating sharpness where none is found. This might be one of the reasons for the lack of 3D look - the DOF does not work reliable. Sharp things are soft and soft things are sharp.

Well.. yes & yes, of course. I am not suggesting this can be done without tradeoffs And if I did, my apologies.

To me the primary reason for the lack of "3d look" is first and foremost the AA filter.  A lot of cameras with good lenses without the AA filter immediately "jump" with that- but as always, there's the tradeoff of color moire and you still have lower resolution in colors.

I find the Fuji X-trans really helps tone the color moire down, but again, it has its quirks. But I would say the benefits outweigh the cons (using a proper raw converter, for most subjects).

The math stunts that work the best of course is those that when they fail, they don't impact the image significantly but when they win and on average win more than lose, get you the gain.

I noticed something a bit weird in the latest Olympus jpeg engines- it's like they are doing outline tracing. If you look at the preview studio shots of the EM-5 generation of their m4/3rds cameras, on the bottle (older shot) that had the Woman with "radiant" set of lines behind you see the diagonals- some seem a bit too sharp and nice yet a bit ummm.. strong "outlined."  Must be one of those algorithms at work.

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