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Re: Color Resolution Zen

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

Roland Karlsson wrote:

mike earussi wrote:
Which will vary throughout the image, dependent entirely on the value of the four top layer pixels. So some parts of the image could be as low as 5mp whereas other part could be as high as 19mp, color resolution of course.

Yes, and this is an unwanted characteristic. One of the more irritating properties of bayer sensors is its varying resolution.

Now, the Quattro will not vary in resolution, but in color resolution. Not the same thing.

Yes, the irritating part about bayer is varying luminance resolution, because it suddenly drops the plots as far as detail before natural factors like DOF would cause decay.

The other annoying part is the color artifacts, which bring utterly unexpected colors into view where none should be simply based on a pattern.

The Quattro should be immune to simply "made up" colors, the worst I can possibly see happening is some kind of color bleeding.

But color bleeding is a case were you end up with a made up color.  There's also color accuracy (for areas of color that have a higher frequency that the sensor can sample).

But because of the top layers also getting some values the lower layers get, you can eliminate a lot of color bleeding kinds of effects simply by having a clear picture of where the boundaries are.

You won't be able to make that determination like that due to the lower sampling, though there are certainly strategies that Sigma could purse based on human perception and pattern recognition (several Bayer cameras are already doing stuff like that).

In the end the result should be way closer to 19MP of color resolution than 5MP.

For color I don't think so, but for perception of detail yes. There are strategies that can be pursued  but they can't make up data that doesn't exist.  I agree it should still look pretty good, but depending on subject/light/resolution of subject in those colors, it may not look as sharp.

I don't even think it's possible to have any image where you would only get 5MP of color resolution.

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