A-mount mirrorless one step closer ?

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Re: A-mount mirrorless one step closer ?

PierreChris wrote:

With the announcement of the A6000 and the clame of the fasted AF speed new sensor, one can ask themselves if the SLT design A-mount has come to the end ? if Sony implement this on sensor AF in a A-mount mirrorless, who need the SLT design ??

are there other technical restrictions to accomplish a A-mount mirrorless with the same A6000 sensor with fast AF speed for a new DSLR without SLT?

Maybe, maybe not.

The A mount cameras will have to work as well without the additional help of CDAF (which the A6000 has), because CDAF doesn't work well with the non CDAF optimized A mount lenses (different gearing, communication chips and most importantly, different motors).

And it remains to be seen how well on sensor PDAF works in low light now, if at all.

Too many unanswered questions as of now.

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