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Re: Sony a6000 First Impressions Review posted

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  • OLED electronic viewfinder with 1.44M dots * NEX-6 Viewfinder resolution was 2,359,000 dots!

Why was the EVF reduced to 1.44M dots ?

Cost, and marketing

This is the old EVF from the Alpha SLT cameras it seems.

I guess that this camera is not for MF lenses, but for fast AF lenses

Also, it enables a (big) distinction for a future upmarket (=pricier) A7000 model.

Not quite. Sony rep in video clearly states that this EVF has different and improved optics in front of OLED EVF and in combination with faster BIONZ-X chip (faster feed, refresh, cleaner image etc) it offers actually better viewing experience. So I consider this as an upgrade to old NEX-6/7 EVF.

BTW, imaging-resource review confirms that side-by-side a6000 EVF is much better one to use.

Maybe so. But it's smaller, and that can't be a good thing. Somebody already posted that they borrowed it from another cheaper camera.

Maybe you look to munch into the numbers. You might look into this numbers too:

Then Nex 5 (the original, without EVF) cost in 2010 $700 this camera 4 yearls later, costs only $800,-- You get an EVF, WIFI, more pixels, faster docussing, mode dial etc. for that money. I think it's a steal!

When comparing it to theprice of the Nex 6 at launch: $899,--. The A6000 is $100,-- cheaper, it has faster AF (something much asked for) and you complain about the EVF that has a lower resolution.... Sory but this is economics.

I think Sony did a hell of ajob creating this camera, with these specs. at this pricepoint!

Totally agree.

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