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Re: What the heck is a cropped image ( with the 645d)

Ian Stuart Forsyth wrote:

Now looking at the photos above, myself and many others would say this is about the worse way to compare image across formats we want to compare DOF with image that have the same FOV as this is how we photograph. We use things like DOF, FOV, perspective & focal point as visual aids in conveying our creative work, so why not use these key segments in photography >>> and god said let there be Equivalency<<<< to evaluate formats.

Because as a photographer you shoot with the tool in your hand, you do not equate it to anything.

What DoF you require will depend on your final viewing media, How many really define that at image capture time outside a studio.?

As we’ve already proved Perceived DoF will alter both at capture time and when presented depending on viewing distance.

So though you may say I want aps-c 1ft DoF at 10ft with 55mm so will shoot @f2.5

the reality is you will adjust Focal length or subject distance as you shoot to create the correct composition DoF is a secondary concern and only a ball park ideal.

So DOF, FOV, perspective & focal point as visual aids are just that aids whereas rule of thirds , composition etc will adjust any hard and fast DoF requirement making equivalence nothing but something to argue about.

I will work on that tomorrow

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