DOF and Cropping take 2

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Re: DOF and Cropping take 2

and for completeness

the larger sensor cropped to the smaller so you can easily see the slight over exposure, the same DoF etc etc everything I've said is true.

Now to argue these are not the same (perceptive et al) stretches the bounds of credibility past breaking point.!

So lets recap

I said

1 I said exposure is sensor independent - Check proved

Ian/MC said FF required iso225 to match iso100 aps-c - wrong

2 I said DoF is a function of viewing size not sensor - Check proved

Ian/MC said DoF is a function of sensor size - wrong

3 I said an f2.8 lens is an f2.8 lens on any sensor - Check Proved

Ian/MC stated a lens alters it behaviour and f2.8 is not the same but depends on sensor size - yet again wrong.

Hopefully this isn't to vague for you Ian.MC - your wrong and have been proved so again and again and again.!

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