Third Party Lenses are upping their game but not heir price.

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Third Party Lenses are upping their game but not heir price.

When I changed from P&S camers to DSLR's a few years ago I picked Canon because IMO they had the best quality glass that fitt the focal lengths I needed more than the competition.
Now, looking at my glass I have but one Canon lens out of five. Tamron and Sigma have recently pigked up their game so there if little if any difference in IQ of their lenses and Canon or Nikon. Sure, overall you can find differences in the IQ but most of this can now be fixed with PP software.

I know I'll probably get hammered for making such a statement but it's true for the most part. If I were a professional and one missed shot could cost me money or a job it would be different I supose.

I think the main difference in the better IQ of these new lenses, no matter what company is making them is that all of the new lenses coming out now are computer designed and the equipment to mill the glass and make the lens body parts is computer controlled, saving the mfg. time and labor which is money. Of course, in the short run it's a little more expensive to purchase the new equipment but all that equipment is Tax deductable at a prorated basis, depending on he Country they are in.

I make all this long winded statement to come to a point at last. It's my opinion that the "big two or three lens mfg's of lenses are using their reputation and this new technology to (1) improve their products IQ and (2)using that improvement to justfy the outrageous price increases they are demanding for their produces. (ON THE OTHERHAND) Third party lens mfg's are taking that same technology and improving their products and passing the time and labor savings on to their customers, you and I. They still make the same if not a little more % of profit per sale and increase their sales by offering the public an honest price for their products. I for one think I an tell the differene from and honest price and a bloated price from a company that has a bloated concept of thenselves.

I for one hate it when a company charges me more for a product that I think it's it's worth. Of course I don't have to buy from them and I don't. It's my opinion that more people will come to feel as I do and the photographers that feel it's worth their money to purchase name brands will do so and they and the average photographer will benefit greatly in better equipment that we've ever had.

Isn't competition great!

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