What do m4/3 users think about the Canon G1X II?

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Re: compromise

Lumixdude wrote:

Impulses wrote:

Ben O Connor wrote:

However, it beats the Olympus compact sensors:

Does not have razor sharp lens of XZ-1/2
Does not reaching to Stylus 1 range

I am not sure how more pocketable than OMD EM-10... or Pancaked PEN E-PL5... And the lens does not seem sharp to outrun affordable m43 lenses...

It will take %7 of each sides buyers. Not more, I suppose.


How pocketable is any MFT with a 24-120 F2.0-3.9 lens? And, as far as sharpness goes if the Mark II is as sharp as my original G1X lens I wager there will be few complaints with it, have to wait for reviews to find out though.


If only M43 actually had a lens like that... I think it'd be more popular than the f/2.8 zooms or the 14-140mm superzooms... Even if it were as large as the 12-35/2.8, as long as it were longer and/or cheaper it'd sell plenty. I don't get it tho, how can a sensor 15-20% smaller than the first G1X's suddenly allow them to craft a wider, longer, AND faster lens to it.

Or put another way, is doing away with a lens mount really allowing them to go that much longer/faster than any of the pancake/kit zooms we've had for M43? I mean, even the RX100 has a slower/shorter lens while also having a smaller sensor. What's the trick here?

The trick is the same one as the LX7... It's a fish eye at the wide end... no doubt... no... question, it will be cropped, and it will look like poo without software to fix it. Sony does this a lot with its E mount lenses such as its 18-105 or whatever it is... It's all just an illusion that the lens is optically correct at the wide end when it's not.

I'll put it another way, videographers hate Sony for doing this because the optical illusion doesn't work with their E mount camcorders. Do you really want to go down this path of a lower IQ software corrected fish eye to long zoom?

Tbh as long as the end image is good (for both stills and video I'm assuming with the Canon) I don't really care how they get there.

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