G1X Mk2 - First sample images ... (PICS)

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Tonkotsu Ramen
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Re: Tonkotsu Ramen: Re: Am I getting one?

For me, what i've wanted for a really long time was a "true" S90 upgrade, as in, not a lateral upgrade like the year to year ones. I basically wanted a fixed zoom lens version of the EOS-M, and that was the G1X.

Unfortunately, I read review after review of the slow-ish performance, and while ergonomics were really good (you're right, the M2 seems to have taken a few steps back), the thing was just a bit too big.

Well, for me, this might just be it. When the specs were announced, I put up all my current small camera gear. Though I'm not leaving Sony A-Mount yet.

While this isn't as pocketable as my S90, it appears to be exactly what I'm looking for in a camera.

-Large sensor

-compact body

-tilting + touchscreen LCD

-wide angle

-close up performance comparable to my S90 (none of the non-macro NEX lenses do well in this aspect, which is why I'm going to sell all my E-Mount stuff)

The things that worry me now are:


-battery life


Assuming those are all acceptable, this will be my main camera for the next few years just like the S90 was my main camera until my friend dropped it.

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