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Dogonit wrote:

What I'm struggling to figure out is who this camera is designed for

It's designed for photography purists, just as before.

- current Foveon shooters or to win over new buyers. Here's the problem: assuming the specs we have are accurate, is there enough here to force Merrill owners to upgrade?

"Force"?  Probably not.

"Compel"?  That depends on some things, but it very well could...

1) If you like traveling with two DP cameras (as I do), then a common filter size is very nice.

2) If battery life is 3x-4x, that is compelling

3) If storing images is just a few seconds overall with nearly instant preview, that's compelling.

4) If dynamic range and shadow noise are both improved, that is compelling.

4) If ISO performance increases substantially, that is compelling.

The way to look at this I think is the SD-14 to the SD-15.  There was nothing on paper to "force" one to go from an SD-14 to an SD-15.  Just changes here and there, that made things nicer all over.  But the SD-15 was SO MUCH NICER in reality, in nearly all ways.  It was a great, compelling upgrade.  Not everyone did so but the ones that did were really happy.

Now here you really have the potential for even more reasons to upgrade than with that transition.  Overall it's the DP-M, smoothed (and stretched!) out and evolved.  Most of the feature downsides (like long saves and low battery life) that were mentioned in every review are very likely to have become much better, so it's also a camera that should review really well.

This new iteration still isn't close to something that could replace my Fuji X100S as my daily shooter,

Why not?

so what's the point?

<...> So like I said, who is going to buy it? To me this is a really small step towards main stream viability; the Quattro will still very much be considered a "specialty" or "niche" camera.

Yes, it is a niche camera.  In a few years those will be the only cameras selling, so why not have a tremendously strong contender in that niche?  Main stream are the ones who will be drowning.  That is the area where it's nearly impossible to compete against the largest players with truly gigantic marketing budgets and the ability to spend years dumping products below cost if they wish.

Already I would never buy an X100S or anything like it, because the iPhone is simply easier to use as an everyday camera even with using external lenses.  But the DP camera - the iPhone is not going to replace the DP camera for images I really care about.

The DP-M is as it has been - for people that want a really great image in a small package (even though the DP-Q is larger it's still lots smaller and lighter than a DSLR).  And it should still make an excellent companion to any DSLR as a kind of second body/prime lens combo.

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