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Re: DP Quattro: Sigma official announcement

Raist3d wrote:

Dogonit wrote:

It just seems like there's not enough here to warrant an upgrade and not enough either to attract many new buyers. They needed to take a bigger step in one or the other direction with a completely new, high-end camera.

I really think that if there are 2 stops improvement in color, that's a big upgrade in my book! And a faster better battery life camera? I guess if someone is using their Merrill at the lowest ISO for their work and needs, then I would agree.

To me, an interchangeable lens DP Merrill with some tweaks (bigger battery for example) would have been a much wiser move. Then a new version of the camera when they've completely overcome the high ISO and other drawbacks (instead of kind of a half way step, which is what this sounds like but in a shiny, new...and weird...package).

Hmm I think it will be a nice update there. We'll have to wait of course to see what the real improvement in ISO is.

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If they can increase the usable ISO range without impacting the low ISO image quality then I think it's a great move by Sigma. If they're trading low ISO quality for high then I think it's a mistake, they're not going to catch up to Bayer at high ISO anyway.

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