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Roland Karlsson wrote:

Laurence Matson wrote:

What the imager has is 19 million spatial locations. How the pixels are counted is once again a big deal for those discussion types. I am guessing that the G and R layers each have around 5 million pixels and the top B, 19 million. Or thereabouts.

Of course, some of our favorite negativists will argue that this is not really an X3 imager. That also, is nonsense. There are 3 layers (X3) each of which collects stuff to yield a full-color reading at each spatial location. The oh-so obvious - at least to Ricardo - interpolation that has to be going on is a moot point at best. Moot on, if you want.

Hi Laurence.

It is a 5 MP full Foveon sensor, giving 5 MP full color images, with a potential to get 20 MP luminance resolution.

And that is it.

+1 from me. That is just basically it.

It just gets complicated when we consider the IQ of the resulting 20MP image which is probably as complicated as the algorithms needed by Bayer filter to restore a color image.

I reckon the 20MP color image quality will vary in quality depending on how much information is there for the top channel.

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