Gear selection for Cuba from US

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Re: Gear selection for Cuba from US

We went to Cuba last year with a 5D MIII, 24-105 and 70-300. It was just myself and my wife. We kicked around Havana for a few days then rented a car and explored the eastern 2/3's of the country for 3 weeks. It's a great place to go, easy traveling and the people are very friendly. It's very safe and I would not worry about theft except in the very worst areas of Havana after dark.

Contrary to what people have said here... it's not a police state and you will not find many police or authorities. You will not be drawing any attention if you've got a camera with a lens and a waist pack. It's normal and Cubans like having their photos taken.

It's not your gear that is going to get you into trouble, it's your actions and nothing is going to happen unless you start shooting airports, military installations or the police.

A few non-photo related tips:

Bring about US100 in 1's for tips. When you make 30 bucks a month, a dollar tip will open doors like you never believed. Be prepared for a few beggars, but just say no.

Bring any western type toiletries like sunscreen toothpaste and shampoo . If you have room, bring a few baseballs to give away. We just winged it and made no reservations other than a few nights in Havana and had no problems.

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