What do m4/3 users think about the Canon G1X II?

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Re: at $800 it going no where. Love Canon, but price is wrong too expensive

I'm a canon shooter, I don't think M43 users will be sweating over G2X anytime soon.

I like the camera just fine, but I certainly think its overprice @nearly $800 USD.

For that amount of money, people EXPECT more and WANT more.  I can buy myself either an Olympus E-M10 or Panasonic GX-7 both of which are more enthusiast focus.

There is a certain special group of buyer that G1X/G2X appeal too, but I reckon its a minority group of very selective buyers.

Such an absolute declaration. It's only overpriced if it doesn't sell and/or someone has a truly direct competitor that's cheaper...

This would compete with M43 and people will cross shop them but it's like debating the merits of a tablet vs a laptop or convertible, at the end of the day they aren't the same thing and each has it's pro/cons. The most direct competitor, as others suggested, would be the RX100. Evidently the RX100 sold well enough for Sony to raise the price on it's successor, to me it's not worth $750 but that's not what the market is currently saying.

It'll be interesting to see how well this does at a similar price point and with (potentially) an even bigger marketing push behind it, might just languish if Canon decides not to push it very aggressively. I'm sure there's still a market for it tho, at $800, just a matter of adjusting production accordingly. If there's no follow up then we'll know it sold terribly and/or didn't justify development costs.

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