Olympus faux-technical sounding names

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Re: Olympus faux-technical sounding names

Sean Nelson wrote:

Jim Salvas wrote:

It's all so simple.

O = Olympus

M = Maitani (designer of the original OM-1)

D = Digital (in case you thought they all of a sudden started making analog cameras again)

E = Electronic (because maybe you thought it was mechanical)

M = Mirrorless

1 = The best (until a better one comes along)

Compared to "GH4" it's actually way overkill, IMHO...

Real world impact?

That's the crux of the matter isn't it? I agree the naming scheme isn't hard to figure out once you've done a little bit of research, that's exactly the problem tho, most consumers are gonna do next to no research and they couldn't care less about OM this or Pen that... This kinda branding just makes it even harder to market their products; granted, it's probably not even amongst the top five reasons why Canikon have far more mindshare, but every little bit helps.

Not all cars have quirky names like Rabbit or Pathfinder, but the ones called WRX or 328i aren't changing their numbering/lettering every year either... If you ask me, the only reason to go with more obscure branding is when you're trying to hide something. Intel went to obscure numbering when the GHz race was over, video card companies have always been there because they rebrand old products like crazy.

The camera industry seems to straddle this line between common consumer good (car, phone, etc) and specialized enthusiast/pro tool... It's not doing itself any favors IMO.

Sometimes a name is just a name tho... Except, apparently, if it has the number 4 and you're Japanese. Speaking of which, whatever happened to all the bad juju that would befall them if they used 4? Both of the main Pen lines and the G/GF lines purposely skipped the 4 yet all of a sudden we have a GH4? Now THAT's confusing!

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