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Re: re: alas, longer primes with AF are non-existing in E-mount...

jpr2 wrote:

bigley Ling wrote:

Donny out of Element here wrote:

bigley Ling wrote:

How about just adding a Speed Booster in between legacy full frame glass onto a current generation NEX and enjoy the full frame goodness, plus an extra stop of light gathering ability.

And enjoy no AF. No thanks. In addition SB or ST will add the bulk and weight. I can imagine that it may work for MF and old legacy glass lovers.

Well sometimes MF is faster than slow AF...

...so either MF ones, or some EF adapted through SB (or SA) with a very, very slow AF - as smart adapters are per force using communications protocol from the EA-1 or EA-3 designed to work only with a sluggish CDAF - are the only options right now. And will remain so for some quite time yet in E-landia


think it is to do with the USM motor in Canon lens which is designed for PDAF type autofocus. CDAF autofocus uses a different type of focus motor system I suspect.

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