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Thanks Pixel! Re: Great colors Pixel - how'd you do it?

Pixel Poetry wrote:

Maxxuman wrote:

Pixel Poetry wrote:

Lovely bokeh colors! Could you please let me know what adjustments you made to achieve them, and also the great 3D look of the subject?

Not sure how to explain it, it's never just one adjustment, more like a bunch of little ones.

In Lightroom I desaturate the picture and make adjustments to light, to make the gradients smoother and brighten the areas that are more important like the face, then I bring back color and make adjustments to color, this involves hue and saturation, might need to go back and tweak luminance; all of this is done in the HSL tab from lightroom.

Will also adjust white balance and capture sharpen.

In Photoshop I use selections for more precise adjustments, like selecting the background and using a curve to adjust light and contrast.

Using healing I removed what looked like a street light, it was bright and distracting.

Selected the coat and used a curve to darken, it also helped to saturate the coat.

Used a couple of curves to dodge and burn, this is what makes a picture look more 3D, a layer filled with 50% gray in softlight mode can also be used for dodge and burn.

For working on skin I use the filter highpass, there are many tutorials on it, including using splits, you can find them on this forum and on youtube.

Hope this helps, and thank you for the comment.

Many thanks for the explanation - no quick fix obviously but well worth the effort! The background ended up looking like stained glass. In that respect it brought to mind some recent shots I took of a BlueJay, with the bird in shadow but sun reflecting off the water and leaves in the background.

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