What do m4/3 users think about the Canon G1X II?

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Re: What do m4/3 users think about the Canon G1X II?

I use to be a canon G user before m43 ever existed and the reasons for buying a G camera instead of one of their DSLR stand the same today with m43: nice IQ, portability and control. by those standards one would think this camera would be very interesting to me but it isn't. This camera abandons everything that I remember fondly about the G line, mostly the level of controls, and besides, canon has been in vegetative state for years, I lost hope a long time ago, and even if they did something interesting, m43 is way more versatile and has way more choices than anything they might come up with.

The good thing about this camera is that whatever breakthrough it might achieve, the same should apply to m43. By that I mean mostly the lens. Yes, the lens most probably goes into the camera body when collapsed but even so, to achieve a 5x 2.0-39 lens at that size with that sensor inside it means m43 should easily achieve a 3x zoom of the same speed at a reasonable size. And with the appearance of the new pancake kit lenses by Pany and Oly that's more feasible than ever.

I'm tempted by the Oly 12-40mm but if they bring a 12-45mm 2.5-4 I would jump all over it, and this canon brings us a step closer to that.

You'd think so no? But such a lens isn't on any roadmap, I find it hard to believe it'd materialize outta nowhere, at least in the immediate future... Even Fuji, who's invested a little more on good kit lenses, only managed to come up with an 18-55mm f/2.8-4 or whatever it is... Are the lens mounts the limiting factor here? Or just the ROI of developing and marketing such a lens?

I'm not sure I'd trade my M43 for this camera (if the specs are actually real), specially at $800, but I'd probably be tempted to get a slightly larger M43 body (G6 or thereabouts), sell a prime or two, and resort to this as my truly portable choice... Kinda depends on how fast the lens slows down tho, if it's already f/3.5 by 50mm equivalent then the main thing it's got going for it vs M43 is convenience and a large aperture at 24mm equivalent. Unless that extra bit of reach past 84-90mm is really critical for your uses.

Convenience-wise most people would still opt for an even smaller package a la RX100 regardless of how superior the G1X II is. Somehow I don't see Canon marketing it very aggressively either. That's neither here nor there for the enthusiast tho. M43 could really use a cheaper fast wide prime... At least the 12-32mm is relatively cheap, before that there was nothing inexpensive that could go to 24mm.

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