What do m4/3 users think about the Canon G1X II?

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Re: compromise

Ben O Connor wrote:

However, it beats the Olympus compact sensors:

Does not have razor sharp lens of XZ-1/2
Does not reaching to Stylus 1 range

I am not sure how more pocketable than OMD EM-10... or Pancaked PEN E-PL5... And the lens does not seem sharp to outrun affordable m43 lenses...

It will take %7 of each sides buyers. Not more, I suppose.


How pocketable is any MFT with a 24-120 F2.0-3.9 lens?  And, as far as sharpness goes if the Mark II is as sharp as my original G1X lens I wager there will be few complaints with it, have to wait for reviews to find out though.


If only M43 actually had a lens like that... I think it'd be more popular than the f/2.8 zooms or the 14-140mm superzooms... Even if it were as large as the 12-35/2.8, as long as it were longer and/or cheaper it'd sell plenty. I don't get it tho, how can a sensor 15-20% smaller than the first G1X's suddenly allow them to craft a wider, longer, AND faster lens to it.

Or put another way, is doing away with a lens mount really allowing them to go that much longer/faster than any of the pancake/kit zooms we've had for M43? I mean, even the RX100 has a slower/shorter lens while also having a smaller sensor. What's the trick here?

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