What are advantages of Df over D600/D610

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Re: Hank,

Hank Photo wrote:

I am also wondering how skin tones are handled and if DR is any different.

Interesting sort of associated topic. I did go out yesterday with the D610 and Df and shot fishermen. Sort of strayed from my plan to do a head to head since I am learning the Df and played with settings, particularly with EV.

What is interesting is that the latest CNX2 give you the recorded temp and tint! Taking the same shot with the D610 and 85 1.8G, Df and 35 1.4 Art both at f5 gives different readings on both temp and tint in Auto ISO . I will play with this but leave it to someone like Iliah or Marrianne to look at it. Sensor, Lens, different metering sensor, a different tweek of Expeed 3???

What I will play with is setting the D610 WB to the same figures as the Df in PP and see how they look since I do like the skin tones of the Df more. Closer to what I see and more subtle.

Anyway , I found it interesting I think I'll take a look at some D700 files vs D3S files.

Ps: On some shots I did take into account the field of view and shot vey close with the 35 1.4 and used all metering options since I was playing around

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