Quattro 4.9 MP small raw capture surprise

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Re: Quattro 4.9 MP small raw capture surprise

I was thinking about Sigma doing a 4.9 MP capture. Would be interesting because it would be a true color no spatial interpolation true x3 capture with a 4x sampled "blue" layer.  It could be very interesting for higher iso or shots where you want zero possibility of any color artifacts along with higher quality of capture and dynamic range

A kind soul pointed to me this is indeed the case, Sigma made that in!  I ts in the number of pixels, jpeg modes and raw.  That looks very promising.  I would certainly trade off resolution to get a better color shot at night when needed  or in more difficult light.

In good light, landscapes, then use the full resolution.  Running low on the memory card? Can capture the small raw.  I hope this mode is explored in the reviews and not overlooked.

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So a 15 megapixel image? 5 megapixel of each color 1 of the quad blue and the the subsequent larger pixels?

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