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kelpdiver wrote:

Roland Wooster wrote:

Don't let the Seiki tempt you as a monitor.... I tried the Seiki 39" as a desktop monitor it's horrible.

It's almost tempted me as a replacement for the 40" LCD in my bedroom - my current one seems to be having issues with blacks now being reds, though it clears itself up right before I pull the trigger on a replacement. I'm going to spend $500 or more anyway on a nicer replacement, so if the seiko can display my photos well, maybe an option. How do you like it or tolerate it for video or photo display?

I only used the Seiki 39" as a desktop monitor for a couple of days while setting up a 4K video editing demo for a public exhibit, the screen was far too large and awkward to use, you simply had to move your head around far too much for a desktop monitor, viewing angle, color consistency, and brightness consistency aren't all that good either.

As a TV however, and now that I've seen it for $349 it's quite reasonable to consider versus any other 40" TV, for TV usage, especially if you have a Blu-ray 4K upscaler, which can be bought for $200-$250 - as I don't think the Seiki has a built in super scalar, just probably a linear scaler.

If you need to use it for 25fps footage it might be a problem too, we just sent it away for one demo and apparently it wouldn't work with the 25fps footage they wanted to use. I've only tested 24 and 30Hz, so this was a bit of a surprise, at this point I can't categorically rule out user error or some other issue, but there might be a problem with the panel at 25Hz.


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