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DMillier wrote:

This debate is interesting but a bit philosophical.

And would someone who thinks they know please explain how it is possible to discriminate colour properly when each group of 4 adjacent pixels shares exactly the same values for the 2nd and third layers and only the top value can vary. That would seem to severely limited the colour values that the 4 pixels can read. I'm still puzzled by this. Unless it is doing a Bayer like thing and measuring the values of additional pixels from different spatial locations and using these to infer the missing values (or something).

You get an average for the color region, but the upper layer paints the detail along with whatever wavelength it is color biased to.  The closer the objects are to this color the more high resolution they will be, the further away the less color resolution, but since detail / luminance is very strongly sampled, it will still give the impression of a lot of detail.  Lose some color accuracy in favor of detail (vs an idea X3 design with no noise).

The data seems to me still better than what a Bayer CFA sensor has to deal with.

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