S120 owners/users - what are your opinions so far?

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Re: S120 owners/users - what are your opinions so far?

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First, let me say that I truly respect your photographic skills, and I look forward to each of your posts and read them with great interest.

Second, a little background: I was a professional photographer for thirty-five years, and since retiring have maintained a very great interest in (now digital) photography. I have had many cameras, printers and lots of software. I currently have a Canon G15, SX50, G1X, and now an S120.

I sold my trusty S95 on a spur of the moment deal (a mistake) and then went looking for a replacement. I first tried the Sony RX100, finding the IQ to be excellent but the menus, size (depth and weight) and overall experience not to my liking.

Next, it was on to the Canon S110, since the S120 was not yet shipping. I did enjoy the S110 very much and felt it had excellent quality and, of course was very familiar. However, based on your thread stating that you felt the S120 would replace your S95 and listing the improvements of the S120 compared to the S95 and to the S110, I returned the S110 and waited for the S120 and acquired it.

Well, to make a long story short (too late, I guess), I wish I had kept my S95. Yes, the S120 is waaayyy better on paper, but I just don't really like it as well. I even prefer the S110 and bought one of the remaining in white as a Christmas gift for my wife. I have to say that I wish Richard Franiec would make one of his wonderful grips for the S110 and S120 as he did for the S95. As did Phil Wheeler, I have resorted to the Flip*Bac G2 grip. Also, I do not like the current Canon wrist strap, and have replaced it with the Olympus 202315, which was suggested by someone on this forum. Fortunately, the Tamrac 5686 case continues to work perfectly with the S120, as it did with the S95.

The S120 is truly better that the S95 in a number of ways, and I hope to grow to enjoy it as much as my wonderful S95 as my everyday carry camera. The S120 has a better screen, faster AF, better outdoor video (1080/60 vs. 720/24), less noise in low light, etc., but outdoors in good light (low ISO) or indoors with flash, the S95 holds its own or surpasses the S120, in my opinion. I felt the S95 was weakest in its low-light higher ISO performance.

Sorry for the dissertation, but I am glad to have the chance to respond to you regarding this, after learning so much from you through your posts on this forum.

I must say that of the many (personal, not pro) cameras I have used over the last 43 years, my two favorites are the S95 and G15 (excellent).

Have a GREAT weekend and take care.

Best Regards,


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Whats your opinion at the end go S110 or s120?

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