14mm or 23mm... (and I hardly ever do this)

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Re: More environment or more "pop"

Andy Wilson wrote:

Given your existing lenses and your wide subject matter it probably boils down to asking yourself do I want/need what 1.4 will give me at 23(35mm 'equivalent) FOV more than I need the wider FOV of the 14(21)?

Plus, perhaps, one additional question. Where do I go from here? Am I likely to want to purchase the 10-24 or the 56 1.2 in the future?

If the answer to the second question is no and no, then think about the first question. Effectively you have 23mm covered for landscapes, cityscapes etc. Your 35 gives you the 'pop' of subject separation and background blur and along with the 18 and the 18-55 gives you plenty of options for street. So do you often feel the 35mm is a little tight when you are shooting in low light? Or do you often find yourself wanting to get a bit more subject background separation at 23mm?

If the answer is not a strong yes then I personally would choose the 14mm because it opens up more new options for your photography.

However if you see a 10-24 in the near future then the 23 may become a more attractive option. Especially if you plan to get the 56. I have just got the 14 and 23 and am planning to get the 56. I don't have the 35, though, as I am not sure that I will need it (want is a different matter :-D). The 23 and 56 make a great pair (but it seems to me that 14,23,56 or 14,35,56 are both viable 'triplets' depending on personal preferences). And then there is the mysterious fast wide prime that fuji is dangling over the horizon.. If that is a 16 1.4~1.8 it becomes another factor to throw into the decision process. Fuji is doing a good job of filling most of the bases with high quality performers so we have the angst of choice

Thanks for the input and logic, Andy.  I already have the 56mm on pre-order.. so, I am leaning towards the 14mm after reading this thread throughout the day and analyzing what I am missing.  While the 18-55 goes wide it might not be what I am looking for when doing wide-field astro shots or night photography/landscapes.

I'm going to do a little more research tonight and sleep on it... then make a decision tomorrow.

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