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Re: Olympus faux-technical sounding names

Aethon wrote:

Two problems. One: the main point of differentiation that you offer is not exactly dispository. OM-D has a viewfinder whereas PEN...may or may not, it depends... That's as clear as mud.

Well, let us make it simpler. The OM-D line is for those who like their cameras to look like DSLRs, the Pen line is for those who like their cameras to look like rangefinder style bodies.

Some of us must use viewfinders, others don't like viewfinders and can happily live without them (= me).

Second, nowhere does anyone explain what all the letters mean. I bought into Olympus m43 two years ago and your differentiation between OM-D and PEN lines is the first I have heard of it - I've never understood the difference.

Pen because they played the history/nostalgia thing to "revive" the idea of the original Pen film cameras, though they were half frame and this now is quarter frame. Then of course the OM-D from the OM film cameras, it's all about bald old geezers making major decisions.

The Pen line is logical in that E-PMx means Mini and E-PLx means Lite and the prestige/costly Pen is just the E-Px model.

The OM-D line is really screwed up and may eventually go back to the way they had the film cameras where single digit was top of the line, double digit was mid and more digits for lesser models.They even sold an Olympus OM2000 which was made for Olympus by Cosina, just as the Nikon FE-10 was made by Cosina and looked much the same. More on numbers of those old OM cameras here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Olympus_OM_system

In my mind the E-M5 should have been called the E-M10, E-M1 is OK and the current E-M10 should be say E-M100, but the company was in desperate straights at that time (two years ago) with rumbles & angst due to the huge financial scandal and they had to hit the streets running with something that sounded and looked good. In my opinion the E-M5 came out a bit earlier than it should have but it sure was a lot better than previous cameras. The hero product that saved their bacon and reassured the shareholders.

Official history reading here http://www.olympus-global.com/en/corc/history/

It's exponentially worse for people familiarizing themselves with the brand for the first time. I have a friend currently trying to understand the naming schemes for Nikon and Canon cameras. He's wondering why both companies insist on using only the digits 5, 6, 0 and D to name their mid-range cameras - and he's right of course. It's idiotic.

Idiotic equates to Marketing generally, engineering would have had some sensible project name for each camera.

There are a million ways to name products. The way that camera companies do it is genuinely stupid.

Agreed, but they try to make out they are all different, but they are all much the same with some minor differences. Just about any camera now is good.

Regards...... Guy

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