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Re: Really cold also means rapid change of temperature.

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Well for shooting in really cold weather you don't need a DA* or WR lens, cold doesn't affect lenses much from my experience. I've been shooting in quite cold temperatures for a long time now and have used lenses ranging from Takumar (M42), plastic lenses like my Canon 15-85mm and up to my WR and DA* lenses and they all performed very well.

Sure when it's snowing i prefer to use a WR or DA* lens and found now difference in the field between the 2 types of weather sealing degree.

Really cold also means rapid change of temperature.

In a rapid change of temperature between indoors and outdoors condensation is inevitable. In fact, that is more dangerous and invisible enemy than rain or snow.

Thus we can say you were rather lucky in using your Takumars and plastic lenses in very cold weather, not necessarily well-prepared for the experience.

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Going from a warm home to the cold is not too problematic but going from cold to a warm home is where you should take great care and i always leave my gear warm-up slowly in my camera bag.

Every time I get something new with one of those little silica packets inside, I toss the packets into my camera bags. Every bag has 10-30 of these at any time, lying beneath my gear and ensuring the in-bag warm up phase is always super dry and non-damaging. Highly recommend it.

I've even been able to use plenty of non-sealed gear for important shots in light rain, fog and even heavy snow with this system. I try not to be stupid about it and take the camera out only for as long as I need to get the shot, because sometimes you just have to make due with what you have regardless of the conditions. And so far I've never had a problem.


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