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Guy Parsons wrote:

Henry Richardson wrote:

I wonder if I am the only one who finds the Olympus faux-technical sounding names hard to remember? All those hyphens and hard to remember exactly where they go. Why have hyphens at all? Wouldn't OMD EM5 work just as well?

OM-D E-M10

Maybe go the Apple route and name the products without all the hyphens and strange coded letters. For example, Olympus could name their cameras after deadly epidemics:

Bubonic Plague = E-M5
Ebola = E-M1
Smallpox = E-M10
Dengue Fever = E-P5

I think I like that.

Panasonic isn't much better.

Henry Richardson

Why does everyone try to make this more complicated than it really is?

OM-D is a product line for those who like viewfinders, Pen is a product line where that feature is optional. The hyphen in OM-D is there to show it harks back to the famous OM film cameras but this time 'round it's Digital.

The "E-" is the line of cameras within the early Olympus system of naming. Originally there were "C-" and D-" cameras as well, and the "E-" were the system cameras, but over time marketing triumphed and the old C- and D- morphed into something else but the E- carried on to this day. Look down the bottom of the page at http://www.dpreview.com/products/olympus/cameras?subcategoryId=cameras to see the old naming.

So in Olympus forums the names E-M10, E-M5, E-PM2, E-PL5 etc etc all make perfect sense, no need for the product line prefix. In fact if we all got lazy then M10, M5, PM2, PL5 also make perfect sense here but would upset some predantic purist.

So relax and don't get your knickers in a knot about camera names, it's all so easy when you think about it.

Regards.... Guy

I've bolded basically exactly why I think these names are so odd for myself and others.

I had no idea where the "OM-D" name came from when the EM5 was released. I probably wasn't born when people were running around with OMs and Pens.

Why do we need E-PL and E-PM if "PEN" is already part of the full name? Or does that P stand for something else...? Olympus PEN Electronic-PEN1?

EDIT: So if M means mirrorless, are the E-PL, E-PM, E-P lines not mirrorless? If D means Digital, why do we need Electronic? So what happens when a OM-D (or a PEN?) comes out with emphasis on electronic shutters? Is it an OM-D E-EM?

I'm sure for people familiar with Olympus it all makes sense, but I stick to Panasonic and have no clue about Olympus's history, so I tend to forget where the hypens go and etc.


All other camera manufacturers tend to stick to one designation for their entire line. Sony had alpha for DSLRs, NEX for MILCs, now its all alpha.

Panasonic starts all their m43s with "G" and it all began with the "G1" Simple enough, although its starting to be confusing since its G, GF, GX, GH, GM. But hey, at least there arent any weird hypens in there unless you want the whole model name, then just add "DMC-" to everything.

Canon has EOS. Nikon has D___. It also helps that these two companies kept their numbering scheme the same, single digits = flagships, more digits = lower end. Not sure how that makes sense, but its easy to remember since they both do it that way, and Olympus used to do it that way as well (E-420, E-520, E-5).

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