DOF and Cropping take 2

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I guess civility has left the building.

awaldram wrote:

Because he was making statements that were unsure and based on a wrong premise your replies of 'perfect' it wasn't fair to GossCTP or any readers.

His statements were based of previous response by me and you so I didn't interject in my mind but was already involved in the conversation

I wasn't replying to either one of you in that thread. I was replying to Jim in Hudson. He was replying to moving comfort.

I would never go from an f2.6 lens on aps-c to f4 on FF just to maintain DoF the concept is alien and redundant.

Nor would anyone set up two cameras back to back and try to take the same shot. That's not what it is about.

I feel as if you have a vague notion on how this work and your attempts at being vague is there to twist your posts to what is true at the end of the day .

Mmm interesting interpretation I don't think I've been vague at all nor changed my approach or 'facts' rather I think You and MC have chosen to be very selective on what you read what you quote and how you attempt to ridicule.

That's a fancy way of writing "I know you are, but what am I?"

You do this because your insecure in your FF purchases and are seeking approval from others by beating the FF is best

despite the obvious fact nobody cares.

Either you profess clairvoyance to the poster's motives or else are engaging in an ad hominem fallacy. Did anyone even state that FF was better? The initial post that started the entire discussion stated that a 70-200 f/2.8 on APS-C is a 100-300 f/2.8. It is not. It is a 70-200 f/2.8 on APS-C. Moving comfort stated that if one was to calculate the "equivalent" focal length in FF terms, they should calculate the "equivalent" aperture too.

If nobody cared, this thread wouldn't exist.

let be really clear

DoF Equivalence is pointless a waste of time and shows nothing of any interest to a photographer of any format.

It shows that, where the necessary lenses exist, all formats have the potential for the same shot. That one should not be wooed by either the size of a format nor the speed of a lens alone when comparing two systems.

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