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Re: 1.400K dot EVF?!

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SAR says the A6000 has a 1.400K dot EVF. The NEX-6 has a 2.300K dot viewfinder. I wonder if this is correct? "Upgrading" to a lower resolution does not make so much sense to me.

I wouldn't be surprised if that were correct. It looks like Sony decided to make Axxxx series as cheap as possible, cutting all the 'luxury' items from NEX series, only putting the newer sensors inside. A3000 is below NEX-3*, A5000 is below NEX-5*, A6000 is likely also below NEX-6.

Well in fact the A5000 is the successor of the Nex 3n, and you know what? It is above the Nex 3n in every way! good isn't it? Then the A6000, all the specs we know are rumors. You base a statment on rumors! So the A6000 look like a very good camera when the rumors are correct:

It has an impressive AF system (according to the same rumors you are basing your statement on)
It has a 24 MP sensor with PDAF sensors on it.
It has a flat top plate
Improved RGB filter

So basicly it is improved over the Nex 6 in almost any way, but the resolution of the EVF. So when the rumor of the EVF is true, could it be possible that the EVF is faster in updating the screen? Is it possible that it is showing better low light pictures? If so is the EVF then maybe an update over the old EVF?

IN a few hours we know more....

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