DOF and Cropping take 2

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Re: 1) Denial 2) Deflection 3) Acceptance

awaldram wrote:

let be really clear

DoF Equivalence is pointless a waste of time and shows nothing of any interest to a photographer of any format.

I personally went through the three stages of acceptance back in 2009, when I encountered these discussions on another fora and then ran into Joseph James' site:

1) Denial. "That can't be right, look at these crops I made!"

2) Deflection. "Well, you may be kinda right but it doesn't matter, all I care about is FOV and shutter speed!"  (see your response at top of post)

3) Acceptance. "You know... I seem to be continually pining for aps-c sensor upgrades and lenses that will give me less noise and more DOF control while still remaining pretty sharp at those apertures... I guess I do care about that stuff after all "


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Here are a few of my favorite things...

I upgraded to a asp-c from ff for wildlife shooting, I guess I must of made a mistake oh well at least I kept my ff gear lol
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