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Re: Just a thought - budget FF camera

Jokica wrote:

If the rumors are true, soon we will have new APS-C flagship E-mount camera called A6000 at the cost of 650E for the body only. That will leave huge price gap between A6000 and A7. How do you think Sony will fill that gap? A6000 is coming to replace NEX-6 and NEX-7, so there are little chance that we will see higher specified APS-C model. Witch leave us to a conclusion that if Sony want to put something in between A6000 and A7, that something could be lower specified FF camera.

P.S. couple a moths ago, there were rumors about FF replacement for 5 and 6 series. This aint happen, but if there is something behind this rumor, it can indicate development of FF sensor camera in lower specified body.

Just a thought

A guess:  rumours are of a possible NEX-7 replacement around Photokina time (mid/end September with availability December 2014/Jan 2015.  Perhaps Sony will be seeing how quickly the market devalues the A7 and to what level it falls between now and then before they make their final decision on this release

If the A7 maintains its price then maybe they will release the NEX-7 replacement and possibly an 'A5' to fill the empty NEX-5 slot(?) (as perhaps they think a few more dollars can be squeezed out of current NEX-5 users) with both priced similarly around $1000 to $1200?

If the A7 price has dropped to around $1200 at photokina then they might think it difficult to justify a NEX-7 replacement (their thoughts, not mine) and so would again look at an FF NEX-5 for around $1000 to $1200 and an A7 replacement for around $1500 to $1700 early/mid 2015 (18 month production cycle?).  I don't think there is much they would want to strip out of the A7 and we are not yet ready for an 'A3' type all-plastic super-cutdown FF as APS-C still has that market so I think the EVF-less A5 might be as far as they want to go for the moment.  What we probably will see, however, is a higher end A9 which offers better frame-rates and higher tech (possibly IBIS) than the A7 and A7r

A NEX-7 replacement and/or convincing APS-C lens roadmap will indicate an ongoing APS-C commitment from Sony.  If neither is forthcoming before year end then the mid/long-term strategy would appear to be gradual substitution of APS-C sensors for FF ones throughout the E-mount range.  I personally won't be spending any serious money on APS-C lenses (ie. Touits, which I would love) until I see a high-end commitment to E-mount APS-C

Just my thoughts

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