70D - from 60D just opened , a couple questions

Started Feb 6, 2014 | Discussions thread
digitalcuriosity Senior Member • Posts: 1,169
Re: 70D - from 60D just opened , a couple questions

lescrane wrote:

Sorry, I haven't really done enough pixel peeping to see a difference in IQ between the 60 and 70D's

However, in the 4 days that have passed, I am finding the 70D a better experience. The frame rate really does make a difference if you shoot wildlife, and the focusing options are more extensive, but there is a learning curve with a lot of custom functions and setting to get the most out of it. The focusing also seems a bit faster to lock on in low light using the viewfinder. I haven't really used live view or movie yet but of course the reviews say that's a big improvement.

Well try the video you will notice a it's much improved over the 60D.

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