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Re: The Quattro Knows

DMillier wrote:

This debate is interesting but a bit philosophical.

And would someone who thinks they know please explain how it is possible to discriminate colour properly when each group of 4 adjacent pixels shares exactly the same values for the 2nd and third layers and only the top value can vary. That would seem to severely limited the colour values that the 4 pixels can read. I'm still puzzled by this. Unless it is doing a Bayer like thing and measuring the values of additional pixels from different spatial locations and using these to infer the missing values (or something).

I shall not explain that to you, because I do not believe it to be possible.

But, I do think it has potential for taking good photos.

There are two very simple solutions.

  1. Expand the two lower layers with a factor four and then apply ordinary Foveon maths.
  2. Apply ordinary Foveon maths on all three layers at 5 MP resolution, and then use the 4 top pixels to adjust the luminance.

Both those two are quite good and will probably result in problem free images.

But, you can probably do better. Just as research for Bayer images have lead to better and better result, so might this design be improved.

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