70D - from 60D just opened , a couple questions

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Re: 70D - from 60D just opened , a couple questions

lescrane wrote:

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lescrane wrote:

not a big learning curve from the 60D....biggest diff seems to be the focusing screen options, selection...
So, 1) on the viewfinder red grid.....the lines don't go all the way through; eg. not really seeing the "rule of thirds" intersections here. is that correct? I see them after the fact on the lcd screen as per setting. So what's the purposed of the "grid" if not rule of thirds?

2. On the "electronic viewfinder". If I set that in custom function to switch on and off w/ DOF button, I lose the DOF preview, is that correct? Trying to figure if there's a work around to quickly switch. I don't want to lose DOF button

Other than these two minor things, everything as expected. Need to train the fingers a bit...eg that little "lump" almost touching the shutter button is the focus point button.

I stiill have the 60D but sold my T4i which was my backup/2nd body. Reallly didnt like the lack of function buttons and switching bet the 2 bodies w/diff controls. I did like the touch screen a lot, happy to have it on the 70d. The weight factor had me using Rebels when having a 20/40D to carry plus a 2nd ..rebel was much lighter. Thankfully they made the 70D no heavier than the 60D.

thx for your help

I would say the grid is more for getting straight lines than rule of thirds, but that just may be my (terrible) opinion.

as far as the second question, what exactly are you switching on with the dof preview button? not clear what you mean by electronic viewfinder

got it on pt one. tx. I incorrectly wrote "electronic viewfinder" which of course, we do not have, I meant electronic level.......tried it out, I don't see a huge need for it.

No need for level photos? I think electronic level is essential (also on 60D) - even more so for video - I use to have to put hot shoe level on camera half the time.

Thought I'd like the improved features on 70D, personally I can't see them really making a big difference in my photography from 60D which is excellent. More like conveniences and niceties. I do need a backup, however, especially for paying jobs, but might wait to see if there is a new 7D coming...

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