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Re: Not collecting more data

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

Raist3d wrote:

Sorry u types that wrong. I meant a range of wavelengths. But you won't be able to tell apart to that level because otherwise it would e irrelevant o have other layers and the main top layer wouldby do a good job at measuring. The range of wavelengths it was designed for

Something has to give. If you get an overlap where you can do the trick you mention you will lose itsomewhere else in accuracy in other colors.

No more than you "lost" in the original design which generally did a fine job in determining colors.

I agree that in the real world this must be the case- otherwise Sigma wouldn't have bothered. That's because how noisy the Merrill is in the "red" layer.  But the original design with those issues would be collecting more data than this design

And taking noise issues/ diffraction aside its quite obvious an original x3 design would be collecting more data.

The "original" design is not collecting more data. It's collecting the same amount of data.

Taking out the raw bit depth, noise and diffraction I can't see how the original design wouldn't collect more data having more photo sensors than this one.  In fact one of the advantages sigma themselves highlights is faster processing due to less data to deal with!

The newer design is storing what it collects differently, with the effect of a slightly lossy compression.

If it is slightly lossy compression then you surely lost something no?  That's less data by the way.

Most could be restored though.

You can't restore what wasn't there.  The better question is how good of an approximate it would be. I expect it to be good given the issues the Merrill had as a real world implementation. And given luminance detail is more important than color detail For the human eye and brain.

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