What do m4/3 users think about the Canon G1X II?

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Re: Of no particular interest to me. 4/3 sensor is meaningless

honeyiscool wrote:

Jorginho wrote:

The 4/3 sensorformat is of interest because it means smaller interchangable lenses. This is not an interchangable cam, so it might be 1", 2"etc.

I am really prejudiced btw. Anything Canon comes up with evoes zero interest in me. One day, I will be wronged by canon for sure. But their sensor underperform underperform and underperform. Their AF is below par, like their sensor (in these kind of cams). Their innovativity is below par too. To me, canon is just blaaahhhh.

I am interested in Sony, Fuji and m43 cams mostly because all these cams do something different and most of the times it is something good.

G1X series has a bigger sensor than 4/3".

I know we all feel jaded about Canon but if this is as good as it looks on paper, it is a huge threat to MFT cameras. Many people never buy anything better than a kit lens, and the lens on the G1X is much better than any MFT kit lens, and with a bigger sensor. Macro down to 5 cm. It delivers exactly what a lot of people want from a compact camera but in a more serious package than an RX100. Perhaps it's the camera Sony should have made instead of the RX10.

You say that the lens in the G1X II is much better than any MFT kit lens. Do you assume that or are there already test data available?

I know that the lens in the G1X supposedly was pretty good. For the new one i only see specs like focal length range and aperture. I have to say though that it looks interesting because you can focus down to very low distance (macro). On the other hand .. i can do that with my RX100 as well.

Anyways - to me i put this camera as competitor for RX100/RX10. Interesting specs but is it better? We will see.

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