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Re: What you pose as theory is in fact impossible

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

mike earussi wrote:


The point is that it is an example. And you're free to call the top layer anything you want.

That doesn't change your misconception of the top layer being isolated from the bottom layers. You can't "call" it anything and change that.

Nor did I make up the concept, but rather got it here from the "boss":


Because we all know Google Translate is a bastion of accuracy!

So you think Google translate can screw up a color diagram?

I merely used PS color numbers to illustrate it instead of his because that way I could also show the color differences, and if you notice his example only works if the four top layers all have different values. But since you don't like my example why don't you create your own to show us how your reasoning works instead?

But my point is valid, there will be times when the value of the top four layers will all be the same but the second and third would have been different if they had also split up into four.

Not possible because the top layer encodes part of the bottom layers. If there is any changes in the wavelengths that reach the bottom layers it will also change the values of the top layer.

But in the Quattro they are not, so whatever differences they would have had instead get averaged together. This averaging will cause a loss of color resolution.

Which the encoding in the top layer can help restore.

And because of this there will be times where the Merrill will show more resolution over the Quattro.

I agree with the conclusion by not the reason why. There will probably be times the Merrill will show more resolution. Possibly.

How much of a difference there will be in a real world photo vs a test chart or example we won't know until the actual camera ships.

I agree with this. But again, people are lowballing what the sensor can do because they don't understand how much color can be accurately be determined.

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