Struggling with D7100

Started Feb 9, 2014 | Questions thread
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It should be noted that you can fine tune more than one lens and that the camera knows which lens is fitted. So it is a simple case of set and forget. I have one D7100 with the Sigma 18-35 f1.8 attached. That is the only lens that was OK and did not need fine tuning.

Do not forget to actually "turn off" the AF fine tune feature when a lens that does not require tuning is mounted as it being enabled can (rare case) adversely affect focus in some situations.

Are you implying that AF fine tune of 0 is different than AF fine tune off?

Yes, my understanding is that "zero" vs "off" can impact focus at the extremes is some lens/body combinations.

If so, can you explain why that is?

I don't know why that is but was told by a Nikon rep that they do recommend turning it off vs "zero".  Matches the warning in the manual but I don't know the specifics, sorry.

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