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Re: Steve: how are your snowstorms, still raging gala force :) ??

jpr2 wrote:

captura wrote:

A notable statement they made, if true:

"Fastest AF of all E-mount cameras"

well, there is always some hope, although "fastest of all E-mounts" doesn't necessarily mean truly fast, esp. for highly dynamic action scenes shooting & tracking - am keeping my fingers crossed (but not hanging my hopes very high = that announcement arrived suspiciously close on heels of the Fuji XT-1 apparently very good results; too close not to be suspected of being marketing blurb rather than a reality - we'll see in few weeks when [perhaps] some first result from independent sources will pop up),


Hi jpr.

No snow for now, but ranging between -9C (day) and -20C (nightime.) Wering a heavy down parka, 5 layers. Take gloves off for 5 minutes and my hands start to freeze. I have plans to do those tests...ned to go down to the lake where they have a doggypark and obliging owners...no-one there right now. Worst winter I can remember, what's up with that? I figure the jetstreams travel lopsided. One year it's high on this side, the next year they're high over in Yourp.

Now a thought...why don't Sony install Art Filter like some of the other makers? And ND filters, too? It's a neat thing, sometimes.



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