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In a Bayer CFA system, the two opposing colors for a location are 'made up', in that they're not measured (for example, a green pixel has no red or blue information at that location). And the definition of interpolation is just that—data for red and blue are 'guessed' at by nearby measured values. Tried and true, that system works pretty well.

For this Sigma chip, there's no guessing. But you'd be safe to say that the red and green layers (if you want to call them that) are 'averaged' in comparison to the blue layer. Everything is still measured, but the resolution of the blue is 4x higher than the other two layers.

What this all means for the 'look' of the image, the highlight recovery, the sensitivity, the speed of processing, the battery life—all educated guesses at this point. But the hope is that everything from speed to image quality is better—and if it is, that should be a nice 'wow'.

Me, I'm still trying not to smudge the LCD on my DP3M as I bring it up to my eye and then say 'damn...'  It's been too long since I've shot without an OVF.  

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