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Re: What the imager has

DMillier wrote:

I'm not ashamed to say that I can make no sense of how this system is supposed to work based on the diagrams that have been released.

While not perfect, the analogy with L*a*b (where a * b are lower resolution) is probably close enough.

To my eye it still looks like 3/4 of the second and third layer values are made up.

Not made up, just calculated with a lower color/spatial precision. I suspect the worst case would be one or two pixels of modest hue error on some edges with similar luminance and particular color combinations but a lot will depend on processing details.

it will in fact turn out that the Foveon principles are fully intact.

This will depend on what you believe are the "Foveon principles."   Every implementation requires some compromise, from omitting the fancy dual-notch "color optimized" filter that was in the original papers (cost? sensitivity?), to adding micro-lenses (people still argue that the SD9 was the sharpest), to junctions depth and SPP processing changes (some argue the SD10 had the best color, others like the SD9 or 14 or 15 or Merrill), to analog vs. digital front ends,  etc.

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