PLEASE STOP Hawking That guy

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Re: I posted this in the other Ken Rockwell thread,

You know what? Your hypothesis could be very well to be demonstrated as being correct. 100% correct. Ken Rockwell is very resourcefull and with a lot of good ideas to draw people's attention. But this guy has won the atention of photo hobbysts long time ago through excellent photography related information. I visit his site daily. I dare to think that there are a lot of people doing the same in good faith and without being kept away from acknowledge the value of KR website by envy on his success. Consider this for a moment: visiting Lloyd Chambers website vs accessing Ken Rockwell site. KR website information is free. That's the difference in case you have missed it. And it amazes me that there are some people still complaining that Rockwell is making efforts to have internet traffic to his site! I have found on Ken Rockwell website info regarding analog photography, digital photography, rare lenses and cameras and most of all important data about the real world use of the photographic gear (whether it is analog or digital). I also have to say that Ken Rockwell is a real talented writter and his articles/posts are enjoyable. In the end, guys like Ken Rockwell and Steve Huff offering for free their experience(s) remaining still as passionate and invigorated about it as ever and connected with so many of us, sharing this same exact passion for photography it is quite special. Those guys are maybe, just maybe, calculated generous, but nonetheless generous. That's why they are successful.

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