14mm or 23mm... (and I hardly ever do this)

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Get the 14mm

Jim Radcliffe wrote:

I would really like to take advantage of the current discounts on both of these lenses but not having had my hands on either one I find it difficult to choose.. I like fast glass.. both lenses seem to be very good in all respects... but I'm not sure I can justify buying both at this time.

These two cost about the same amount of money so that is not an issue.

I rarely ask for others to help me make a decision but in this case I am going to do so.

If you have the time, please list the reasons you would buy one or the other... thanks! I look forward to your input and your help in keeping me from buying both due to GAS.

The 23 is very nice and all, but you have the 18mm, 18-55 (which is sharp at 23mm) and so you are covered for the moderate wide angle, and also have a small walkabout lens (18) and the zoom.

The 14 would increase your overall capability by extending to 21mm equivalent, but more importantly it is distortion corrected. There is no loss of sharpness from massive in-camera correction. I have the 14 permanently attached to the Xe1, though the Xpro1 cycles between the 18-55, 35 and 23. The 14 is an exceptional lens.

23 is a nice "standard" FL, but as an urban shooter I prefer the 28mm FL (such as the 18mm).

If you had no lenses, and wanted a single general purpose lens to do it all, then I would say the 23mm. As it stands, I would definitely recommend the 14, given your current lineup.

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