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123Mike wrote:

areichow wrote:

It should be obvious that size matters to people. So does versatility (legacy lenses). If those didn't matter to me, I'd have a Canon, maybe an A-mount.

It's just that I'm not understanding for the life of me, that the lenses are so crappy. limited, and expensive. It isn't making any sense at all?

Where is the 35/1.8 equivalent for around $200? Where is the 16-50/2.8 equivalent? 55-300 $300 (200 used)? Or third party, Tamron 17-50 f2.8 which is great on A-mount. But on E-mount all this is lacking. Lenses at like nearly a grand a pop, and then some affordable ones that are dark and don't score well in tests at all. The Sigma 30/2.8 looks hopeful. But people wanting to make E-mount perform, must be really starving for lenses. And then those adapters. Either it's not mirrorless anymore or you lose auto focus for body screw focus lenses. The E-mount forum people there don't even want to talk about it. E-mount I *thought* was something that is going to move Sony into the future, but now I'm worried. I didn't realize it sucked this hard. And no with still only rumors about A-mount. Looking at alternatives isn't very encouraging either. Panasonic and its lenses are priced stupid expensive. Canon might be an option. I came from Canon. Dropped the T2i in favor of the A33. But with with Canon doing autofocus in video, finally, Sony should be worried, and better darn well hurry, or else I'm no longer seeing the light. Sorry for sounding a little frustrated.

"A grand a pop"? The 35/1.8 for APS-C is $450. Yes, this is much more than Nikon's 35/1.8 for APS-C, which is $200. It's not $1K, though. Also, the Nikon is plastic (even its mount), is not as good optically, is not stabilized, and, yes, Nikon can sell them cheaper due to volume. Besides all that, the SEL35F18 is certainly not crappy. Neither are the (yes, expensive) FE primes. The SEL50F18 is an outstanding lens. The 20/2.8 pancake is pretty good. I think you've been reading too many rants here by some typical ranters without doing your own research.

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