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Re: A6000 first picture

123Mike wrote:

I briefly looked at what E-mount could do for me, but I have the impression that the lenses are so crappy and so limited and the acceptable ones so expensive, that I'm not getting why anyone that cares for image quality would pick over an E-mount over an A-mount camera, except if size really matters, and/or people use the adapters a lot. Is that what most people use, those adapters?

You can use any Alpha lens with an adapter first of all which basically turns your E-mount into an SLT.

There are some very affordable lenses for the E-mount including Sigma primes and Sony 50mm. Keep in mind that the build quality of E-mount lenses and the features they include are better than the bargain Alpha lenses. Alpha vs E-mount 35mm 1.8 is a good example.  They are probably quite similar if you look at image quality but all E-mount lenses include DMF, quiet focus motors, and non rotating front elements.  The e-mount also has OSS which works well on video as well.

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