Lets discuss about compact ultrazoom cameras

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Lets discuss about compact ultrazoom cameras

Hi there all

I am a happy owner of a compact ultrazoom camera, namely the sx220hs.

I am very happy with the iso 100 quality of this camera and the nice colors I can get

See for example one test shot:


If you want more samples of what I have been doing with this inexpensive camera see also:


This camera has a zoom range of 28-392mm which is fun to have with you. This camera is always on my pocket and I am always happy to zoom at the highest settings to get an item that is far, like a bird on a tree. As photographing experience, having this camera always on my pocket is a very enjoyable experience.

Few thoughts though that  I want you to comment on:

I find that when you have more zoom (latest series models added more zoom) is very hard to take a sharp and quality shot. The aperture is very small, shutter speeds should be high enough to bring something very sharp... and most of the time there is not enough light to hand helf camera at iso 100. Well if there is direct sunlight that is of course okay but then so strong daylight washes out colours. Raising iso is always an option but I have seen results suffering, especially at longer ranges when iso goes to 400 or 800 (so to get a shutter speed good for such high zooms).

This is the main reason I find that adding more zoom as the consequent models added would not allow me to bring better photos.

Then I looked a bit on how I can have large zoom but with increased quality, so I had to look on larger sensors. I found then Nikon P8100 (or P8000 sorry if model name is not correct) that has a 7x optical zoom reaching up to 200mm.

That means that if I want greater quality I would need to kill half of the zoom I have, which is a loss. Then this is  the question to you. What would be better shoot at higher iso with my sx220hs at longest zoom range (around 400mm) or take the same shot with the nikon p8100 at 200mm (most probably with lower iso, as it has faster lens) and then crop 50% of the image?

I want better quality, I see that having zoom ranges over 400mm (like the sx260 and sx280 offered) are not useful... but I also find it hard to loose half of the zoom range to get a larger sensor. Losing a bit less that would be easier to take a decision.

Also I am not sure how in reality results from sensor size of my sx220 can compete with the larger sensors in the nikon p8100.. Is there so much difference?

Do you see my pocket camera dilemma?



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