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Re: Just a few hours and we will see the real pictures...

Donny out of Element here wrote:

nevercat wrote:

And then we know the real specs of this camera. Then we know if it realy is fast focussing etc.

One thing I say for Sony, they kept all things very secret up to the last days...

How is that possible? Usually it's days and days before someone posts a review of AF. All other websites like DPR, imaging-resoirce and countless other will as usual say that they "haven't done proper AF testing but it seems to be responsive" - so basically useless information as usual. Only weeks after someone will do some AF tests with video etc. It was same with A7/r - everyone said AF was good, but no one actually compared it in real life or with other cameras, or how fast it was.

I can understand that Sony didn't want to jeapardize the marketing efforts for the initial offering of the A7/r by coming out with other lesser APS-C offering within a 6 month's window of the A7/r introduction date. So if true, that might be the  reason why we are only getting this NEX-6 replacement, the A6000, at this very late date. Sony wanted the A7r to make a BIG splash!

Was that justified? Maybe not, they lost a lot of potential NEX-6/7 -like sales over the interim period. Plus harmed their own reputation.

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