D800 AF-ON and AF-C

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Re: Ming Thein found the same thing about AF-C +1

fPrime wrote:

Although Ming Thein to this day still believes the D800 lacks the PDAF focus consistency required for use outside of the studio, he reported the same finding about AF-C being more accurate than AF-S:

"Previously, I used single point AF-S for static subjects, and 51-point dynamic 3D tracking AF-C for everything else. I could lock on with the center point, focus and recompose, and everything would be fine. It seemed like a good starting point for the D800.

Turns out I was wrong. Single point AF-C is MUCH more accurate and slightly faster than 51-point dynamic 3D. It’s solved a good number of my AF issues. Remains to try it out tonight when the light gets low to see if performance is improved under those conditions too."



Exactly what I am seeing. What has confused me is the fact that I need to use AF-C for everything. It's not a problem as such, but couldn't nikon have told me this or just not offered the useless AF-S mode in the first place. This is my confusion...

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