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Re: I posted this in the other Ken Rockwell thread,

T O Shooter wrote:

but the Ken haters just jump over it and continue on with their bitching. I'll put it here again to explain why there's a D4S review on his site. Feel free to skip it and continue on with your nonsense.

You have to understand how the internet works. Ken puts up a preliminary review for Nikon D4S to be ahead of the game. His site has a very high Pagerank which is 5/10 If you had a 6/10 puts you in the top 0.1% of all sites on the internet. If you Google "Ken Pagerank" you will see his stats, daily revenue, value of his site. That value is $1,000,000++ Here's a link ( varies somewhat from source to source )

So Ken puts up a page on Nikon D4S. Because of his page rank his "review" quickly goes to number 1 when you Google"Nikon D4S review". It has internet "relevence" Doesn't matter if it's relevent to you. And in the case of a D4S review as opposed to some low priced consumer camera, how many people do you think actually reads Ken Rockwell and decides to buy or not buy a D4S based on his review?? Very, very few. So hardly any reason to whine about the D4S review being inaccurate.

It would not be prudent to wait until the camera is out to put up the page. He would already be behind. He can update it whenever he wants. ( 24 mp claim is something for the masses to argue over / debate )

This is a business for Ken - not a hobby doing gear reviews. Too many of you miss the point and get ticked off with him.

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Photography - I do it for passion, not for a buck! It's just better that way.

Well said.

His success is what angers people. There are a lot of screenwriters walking out of theaters claiming they can write a better movie...yet they almost never do.


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